The Empathic Jaguars NFT

Ready for some supernatural rewarding action?

Inspired by the old folk tales, where the "were-jaguars" were portrayed as fierce warriors, heroic leaders, and shapeshifters who could mingle with humans, the first NFT collection of the TEJAS community is the OG Jags. 5555 OG Jags symbolizing power, leadership, stealth, exotic beauty, protection, and transformation, are sure to shapeshift your crypto collection. So join the pack, and let's mingle with these supernatural beauties.

Get ready folks, 'cause these NFTs are about to lay the foundation for the baddest club in town: TEJAS (The Emphatic Jaguars Autonomous Society).

Total Mintable = 5500; Mint Price = 0.055 ETH;

Your time to ROAR is now!

Chance to win a luxurious Jaguar Car (*subject to terms and conditions of geographic locations )

Tejas Community

A totem for an apex-community

The Emphatic Jaguar NFTs are your mystical gatekeeper to the TEJAS community, a world of potential and possibilities both within and outside the web3verse.

Complete ownership & commercial usage for PFP

Hefty ETH rewards. Chance to win up to 100x in rewards.

IRL and virtual events participation.

Merchandise associated with each NFT


1. 0%: The gates open

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has” - Margaret Mead. That's exactly what TEJAS is all about. We aim to bring together a pack of folks who, just like the jaguar spirit animal, are bold, brave, and don't mind paving their own way. So, join us and let's make history, one roar at a time.

2. 25%: Philanthropic Paradigm

Adhering to the words of President George H.W. Bush, that "a successful life includes service to others," 25% of the revenue from this phase will be dedicated to supporting established charities or high potential young projects.

3. 50%: Raffling Rendezvous

A token of appreciation for our dear and beloved early supporters. Up to 10x rewards! check discord for details. Plus, we will also launch the merchandise collection which is associated to each NFT.

4. 75%: Liaising Leadership

Unleash the boss cats for leading the pack. "Jaguar Supremes" will be released to the worthy ones. 10% of our revenue will be stashed in a community wallet and these fancy feline leaders will have a say in shaping the future of the TEJAS community. .

5. 100%: Radiant Revelations

We'll be revealing our NFTs and their matching phygital (that's physical for the non-nerds) swag. Every minter will get their paws on the real deal. We'll be listing 'em on all the fancy secondary marketplaces to let the world know just how rare and exclusive these babies are.

6. Community Celebrations

Hold on to your wallets folks, 'cause we'll be giving away the big bucks! After our merchandise giveaway, 101 community members will be rewarded, during a IRL/virtual event, in one of the biggest community giveaways ever. Check out Discord for details.

The Vision

Have you ever felt restrained by the standards and beliefs of society? Have your emotions and dreams been squelched by the rat race?

Do not worry, my friend! You are not alone. Every one of us has experienced the burden of other people's judgements and the uncertainty about our own ability. We are continually impacted by other people's opinions, which slows down our progress toward our objectives and aspirations. But, only we fully understand who we are and what we desire. This enlightenment inspired the creation of TEJAS, The Emphatic Jaguars Autonomous Society, a group that will act as a constant reminder of your special potential and will encourage you on your path to realizing your most ambitious goals.

The goal of TEJAS is to create a community of people who value self-confidence and self-discovery. It's a group of crypto enthusiasts that all have a passion for NFTs and web3, a secret society of NFT aficionados where we all join together to nourish and nurture our passions in the proper path. So come on in, join the pack, and let's together realise our full potential!

Our Team

Mammoth Slayer

Mammoth Slayer: Co-founder and Head of Business, with over a decade of experience in developing and growing businesses, creating marketing strategies and establishing brands.

Masala Kick Boxer

Masala Kick Boxer: Co-founder and Head of Creativity, boasting more than 7 years of expertise in design, communication and managing projects.


You will be able to buy them on Join our socials to have a more information on pre-sale and public sale.
Head over to our discord, complete the pledging and follow instructions from there.
5555 Emphatic Jaguars. 55 of them will be reserved for promotions and giveaways.
The OG Jags will be available and tradeable on Opensea.